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So much effort can't go unappreciated.

I went a little crazy with the patterns while coloring this strip and so in an attempt at justifying so much effort I'm going to repost the shower curtain and restaurant prints here for you.  If anyone wants, I don't know, a wallpaper or something, just say so and I'll try and do one up.  I've never done them before but they can't be all that hard, right?




I was going to say great things about the comics I wrote and drew today, but work was too much like this:

So I will write about it after the move. See you soon, internets!

Hump Day, Sophie

I'm loving the line and colors of this short comic by Joseph Lambert on the Topshelf 2.0 site. It was published in five parts which you can navigate through using the "related comics" tab at the top and bottom right of the page. I don't know why they haven't set up a more intuitive system yet.

Having a bit of a drawing slump but hopefully I'll get out of it soon. I think it may be the drop in temperature again following that lovely and all-too-brief respite from the cold. I should have some drawings to post tomorrow so... hooray.


Jenn and I have got to find some better method of "signing" our entries that does not involve putting our names in the subject line. That makes me feel like I'm in first grade.

Today was an unproductive day in DCIGTH but a productive day in loafing off on NYU's dollar. This morning I sketched Jenn and my's (that feels like a grammar fail right there) characters for an upcoming D&D game. Yes! A D&D game! Guys, I have a webcomic. I am fresh out of shame over here.

Anyway, my character is a druid half-elf with a dire badger (DIRE! BADGER!) companion. She had short green hair, a leg-revealing tunic top and a short furred cloak and leggings. Also, a slingshot. The badger's name is Rollo.

Jenn's character is a half-elf sorceress with a pure white (yes, like Ghost from Song of Ice and Fire) dire wolf familiar. We both were super into the animal buddies component of the game. She is tall and elegant with long dark hair, a cloak with a sweet dire-wolf's head pin, and a leather bodice (hawt). No cliche was spared in the drawing of these characters.

Since I cleverly forgot my inked pages to scan at Jenn's apartment I may spend my time tonight inking these drawings, and some other character drawings from future storylines. It is not a productive use of my time but neither is knitting and I do a lot of that.

I was reading lucylou 's latest entry on getting glasses and it caused my to notice that my eyes have finally adjusted to my new prescription. For the past two weeks my eyes have been unfocusing at random and could only be refocused by an act of will, which was not a pleasant experience. I am glad everything is back to normal on that front.

Oh, lastly, Dash Shaw's awesome and mind-bending webcomic Body World has finished. I'm about 3/4ths of the way through reading it now and so far it is fantastic. Start here to read the whole thing.

That's it guys! 


Hey there. Waiting for Sophie to come over so we can talk comics. So I thought I'd post a dumb cat story.

Necessary background. I have two cats. They are Simon and Samantha, and this is a picture of them:


Simon is the black hellbeast, and Samantha is the little white head.

So, I'm moving on Sunday, and this means that there are lots of boxes all around, stacked high to the ceiling. Simon loves moving-time, because it means that he gets to scale said boxes and pretend to be a jungle cat in a tree. I can tell this is what he is doing, yes.

Just a few minutes ago, I was sitting here at my desk, drawing Jesus (having decided to give Oscar Wilde a rest. Jesus is SO much easier!), when Simon jumped up on my lap, jumped from there to the desk, and then prepared to jump from my desk to the top of the box-stack. He crouched, did the little cat-butt shake that seems to be required before jumping, and sprang in to the air.

And missed the box-stack by about three inches and crashed to the ground.

He is okay physically, but I think his ego is severely bruised. He gathered himself up, gave himself a thorough cleaning (which is what cats do when they want to pretend something that just happened didn't happen at all, true story), and passed the eff out on my bed. Samantha is cuddling with him, ostensibly to make him feel better.

This sort of thing happens a bit more than I might like it to.


Hello there.  Here are some things I'm thinking today.

It is Valentine's Day, and I am sitting in the History Lounge at the Graduate Center, all decked out, waiting for a boy to go do Romantic Things with.  My dress is entirely too low-cut for some historians.  I am getting looks of scandalization everywhere I go.  I should do this every day!

In eight days, I am moving.  For anyone who has ever moved from one place to another in the New York City commutable area, it's obvious that this is a horrible thing to do.  I've been doing it for about twenty five years now.  When will it end? 

Packing books is hard.  I own a lot of them.  And being in grad school and a comics fan means that I am going to continue accumulating them at an alarming rate for the foreseeable future.  It has also meant that I've gotten really unsentimental about saving some things, and I've learned to give away most novels that I read that I don't think I'll read more than once.  People don't usually understand it.  "Why are you getting rid of The Road?!"  people scream.  "That's an amazing book!"

Well, screaming people, it is an amazing book, but I'll probably never read it again, because opening it again would be like ripping the existential band aid off a huge psychic wound.  It destroyed large portions of my soul!  If I read it again, I'd have none left.  Thinking about it and remembering it fondly is quite enough for me.  


My job for the comic is to write some things well and to draw some things badly.  I have a drawing style that tends to make everyone really round and bouncy, which is nice, but makes it hard to differentiate people from one another (unless you happen to be a manticore).  I have not, for instance, figured out yet how to make Oscar Wilde not look like someone who is not Oscar Wilde.  So I'm looking for ways around this, and I'm learning.  You should see some of these drawings soon.

Andrew Bird's new album is very good.  You should check it out.

Seriously, WTF, Oscar Wilde, stop being so hard to draw.

This is a stupid blog entry.



 I spent a lot of yesterday and today drawing dead bodies.  Or one dead body, anyway, for an upcoming storyline.  Did you know dead bodies arehilarious?  Well, they are.  Just imagine if all your muscles suddenly released simultaneously causing you to fall down in incredibly uncomfortable-looking positions and your body to start spewing all manner of gukky fluids.  See, it’s like the essence of comedy itself.

I am also trying to find a new desk on ikea.  Currently my home work situation is a 1′x1.5′ cleared space on my otherwise overflowing desk, which not a desk but a plastic folding picnic table.  Sometimes even less space then that because the tiny lightbox I ink on has a little stand that allows it to be positioned at a 45 degree angle in which case even more random desk crap can be crammed under it.  Right now I’m thinking this one, which is incredibly long to allow for lots of storage underneath as well as lots of space to pile unpaid bills on. I am excited.